A Transcription Notation for Genealogy
Proposal for a transcription notation, Feb 2012

GeniML Proposal
GeniML Object Model and Vocabulary, Draft Proposal, 11 July 2002

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C++ Report Magazine, Nov/Dec 1998

The Seven Habits of Effective C++
C++ Report Magazine, Oct 1997

Applying the ABC Metric to C, C++, and Java
C++ Report Magazine, Jun 1997

Redesigning a Graphics Test Program Using C++
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Case Study: Converting C Programs to C++
C++ Report Magazine, Feb 1996

Op Amp Improves Supply-Voltage Tracking
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Amiga Fractal Generator
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E.R. - An Electronic Telephone Receptionist
Speech Technology Magazine, Feb/Mar 1985

Essential Telephony
(Booklet) 1983